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     Over the years we have seen many different types of jobs come and go. We have extensive experience turning any materials up to 1-5/8" in diameter from Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, Firearms, Semi-Conductor and Commercial applications. 

     Some parts include Fittings, Connectors, Nuts, Bolts, Pins, Screws, Bushings, Shafts, etc. 


   Secondary Operations


     Sometimes parts require machining that cannot be done/done feasibly in one operation. We have extensive support equipment to handle slotting, milling, cross drilling/tapping and hand screw machine work, as well as Chucker Lathes and a Bridgeport Mill for flats, etc.

threaded squared bolt
second-op machining
screw drilled head
slotted screw type
slotted plug
threads screws bolts

Materials we use


Steel - All Grades

Aluminum - All Grades

Brass, Bronze, Copper - All Grades


Stainless Steel - 303,304,316, 17-4PH

Plastics - Delrin, Peek, Nylon, etc.

We can make 10 parts all the way up to 100k + parts yearly.

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